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<a href="https://raayllum.tumblr.com/post/184787297550/what-do-you-think-callum-and-rayla-like-about…

Ive actually written about what Rayla and Callum like about one another, but on a more general note, and what I like about my son, well… Basically, despite all of Callums occasional insensitivity and jerkiness, hes a really, really good kid with a good heart. He can be careless, cruel, reckless, and a little vengeful. But at the end of the day he is a compassionate, caring person, very forgiving overall, and a massive selfless streak. He assumes responsibility and wants to believe the best in people even when he isnt sure he can. He loves magic and messes up but always tries so very hard, and he learns from his mistakes.  To Ezran, hes his big brother, who can be a Jerk, sometimes, but also always apologizes with the Jerkface dance and will do anything to protect his brother. To Rayla, hes a strange, infuriating, endearing human boy who wormed his way into her heart with his earnest questions and heartfelt speeches. To me, hell always be the kid who was willing to die, without hesitation, in his baby brothers place. Hes my son. Callum is a fantastic character, from a writing standpoint, a show standpoint, and for his personality, and we all love him very much.

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